Our product makes your customers understand your data in a much easier way.

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Visual Representation of market and your Sales Data

Turn sales data into visual representation in fractions of a second. You specify your data source, forethought will take care of turning those data into beautiful and understand visuals.

Decide which visual representation best for you and your customers.

Frustrated with limited visual types? We are providing you with more than 10 visuals types. You and your customers can choose which one the best to understand the data.

Schedule periodic delivery of data visuals to your customers

Set to send out visual data to your customers on weekly, bi-weekly or monthly automatically with ease.

The Team

Founder and Developer

Karthikeyan is working with real estate data visualization since 2013. Having seen the limitation in tools which realtors use, he decided to build forethought to empower the realtors to take advantages of the latest technologies to help their business and customers to make decisions effectively.

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